The word Forex comes from an abbreviation of the words "Foreign" & "Exchange". Forex is also referred to as "FX". It is what you would call the world's largest capital market. Although there are multiple concepts that Foreign Exchange may refer to, nVestFX focusses on the Forex currency trading market, where speculators buy and sell various currencies in pairs, via transactions facilitated by brokerages.

is forex easy to trade?

Contrary to popular belief, Forex is not easy to trade. Well, it is easy to trade, but it is not easy to trade profitably. Despite the abundant amount of traders on social media, a very small sample of traders actually incur profits regularly.

why trade forex?

Although it is not easy to profit from Forex, it is possible to profit substantially in Forex. When traders receive in-depth training, practice for a solid period of time, and establish a system based on discipline and consistency, the odds of turning a profit multiply. The opportunity for huge ROI is endless.

what is traded in forex?

This can be a little confusing at times, but what is traded in Forex, is actually money. Speculators trade currencies, via brokerage facilitated transactions, where the quantity of one currency is exchanged for the equivalent value of the base currency. You can buy or sell, one currency for another.

what are the most active currencies in forex?

USD is the highest traded currency in the Forex market, with out 80% of the transactions involving USD on one side of the trade. Second, is actually the Euro, with approximately 40% of all transactions in the Forex market involving a Euro exchange.